The Blackfoot Difference



We inspect all primers before they are loaded in our brass. We make sure all primers are uniform, anvils are correct and intact and primers are aligned in their pockets.


All bullet lots used by Blackfoot Ammunition are  weighed to ensure there is  less than  1/10 of a grain variance. This is especially important when comparing to ammunition made overseas where it is not uncommon to find bullets differing from their advertised weight. This can have a dramatic effect on accuracy.


 In factory ammunition, you will find bulk powder. Bulk powders, unlike canister powders do not have normalized burn rates.  The load used varies with every lot or container of powder, hence the charge will differ in each of their  machines loading the same caliber  in order to achieve a certain pressure. Then the ammunition from all machines gets compiled together, so you may have 20 rounds made from multiple machines with different powder throws in the same box.  


We believe using canister powder that has consistent burn rates is a much better choice. We at Blackfoot  Ammunition guarantee you will always find canister powder in our ammunition.  



Our powder is all dumped by hand, digitally weighed then confirmed. This ensures  bullet after bullet consistency.  


We concentricity check our ammunition. This is extremely important with shot placement especially at longer ranges. Because of the rigorous standards and testing we do with our ammunition we achieve bullet on bullet impacts.


To put it simply, we do everything humanly possible to ensure the highest  standard of quality  ammunition available on the market today. We have worked hard developing our loads to give you the most consistent and accurate loads available. 


We will custom manufacture ammunition according to your needs. If you want a certain type and size of bullet we can and will accommodate. If you or your tactical teams have certain needs for  custom ammunition we are happy to accommodate your needs